Last Will and Testament of Miles Privatt
In the name of God, amen. I, Miles Privatt of Wake County, being weak in body but of sound and disposing mind and memory do make and constitute this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following: That is to say in premises I desire to give my soul to God my Master humbly beseeching his Gracious acceptance of it, through the Compassionate Redeemer who I trust will not reject a returning Penitent that comes to him for Mercy.

Item: - I give and bequeath my body to the earth from whence it was taken to be descently interred at the discretion of my Executors hereinafter mentioned. As to my worldly goods, I dispose of them as follows.

First, I will and positively order that all my debts and funeral charges be first paid.

Item: - I give to my son, Jacob Privatt Paterson one mare colt now in my possesion, likewise one saddle & bridle now on hand.

Item - I give unto Finiba(?) Paterson all my household furniture and my stock except the increase of my bay mare known by the name of Rebin and that to go to my three younger sons hereinafter named, Samuel, Noah, & Willis Privatt Paterson. I say only one for each of the three children. My wish and desire is that the Woman should live on the Plantation and have the hole(sp) unto herself and all the children that would help raise the small ones.My wish and desire is that after the death of my wife be such that my land & all the rest of my property be sold and equally divided among my nine children hereinafter named, Charity and Jacob, Laney, Samuel, Noah, Elizabeth, Winney, Willis and Reney Privatt Paterson and I will and desire to constitute and appoint William High and Jerimiah Rodes Executors to this my last Will and Testament.

In Witness whereof there unto set my hand and affix my seal this 12th of November 1805

The within Will signed and sealed in presence of us:
Miles (P) Privatt
his mark
 J Broadwell
 Zechariah (P) Privatt
 his mark
 Wake County February Term 1809

The within Will was duly proven in Open Court by the oath of J. Broadwell as subscribing thereto and ordered to be recorded
 Wm. Hill, Clerk
 Recorded in the Clerk's office of Wake County in Book 1 and page 427 this 8th May 1809

Kentucky Land Grants for Roswell Marsh

Roswell Marsh received a Kentucky Land Grant of 50 acres, surveyed 13 May 1841, and 100 acres surveyed 4 April 1846 (both listed in Volume 1, Part 2: Chapter X. Grants in the County Court Orders {1836-1924, the Counties of Kentucky, page 1472).

Deed records for William H. Marsh and others

1877-1890, Wayne County
>William H. Marsh was GRANTEE and John Meredith was GRANTOR 485
>H.G. Barnum was GRANTEE and Granville Marsh and wife were GRANTOR 528
>H.G. Barnum was GRANTEE and Joseph Marsh and wife were GRANTOR 532
>Joseph Marsh was GRANTEE and Levi Ferrell and wife were GRANTOR 313
>Granville Marsh was GRANTEE and Thomas Redman and wife were GRANTOR 554
>Samuel Marsh was GRANTEE and Jacob Burtram was GRANTOR 576
>William Marsh was GRANTEE and Peter Morris and wife were GRANTOR 633
>Thomas Marsh was GRANTEE and Moses Upchurch and wife were GRANTOR 636
>W. W. Welch was GRANTEE and Granville Marsh was GRANTOR 370 Book S
>Zack Hampton was GRANTEE and and J.H & N. H. Marsh was GRANTOR 265 Book S

Kentucky Land Grands for George B. Davis

George B.Davis may have received several hundred acres in Kentucky land grants, all recorded in Chapter 10, Grants in the County Court Orders (1836-1924), The Counties of Kentucky.

The complete list includes:

Grantee                     Acres Book     Surveyed          County    Water Course
Davis, George         50       F-2         4- 3-1834         Wayne     Little South Fork
Davis, George B     75       34            3-20-1849       Wayne     Otter Creek
Davis, G B                75       40            9-27-1853       Wayne    
Otter Creek
Davis, Geo B           50       50            12-14-1856     Wayne     Otter Creek
Davis, Geo B           23       61             11-15-1860      Wayne     Otter Creek
Davis, George B     50       71             3-27-1866       Wayne     Otter Creek
Davis, George B     100     71             3-27-1866       Wayne     Otter Creek
Davis, George B     50       81             10- 4-1860     Wayne     Otter Creek
Davis, George         25       81             3-13-1869       Wayne     Dry Fork- Otter Creek
Davis, G B               65        98             1-28-1874       Wayne     Otter Creek
Davis, George        80       102           10-26-1881     Wayne     Dry Fork

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