Jesse Smith Letters of Administration
The Courant American
Cartersville, Georgia
May 10, 1900, page 4
Letters of Administration:

Fannie E. Smith on the estate of Jesse Smith, late of Bartow County.
Transcribed by:   Laurel Baty

Note: I believe a Letter of Administration means that Fannie E. was the executor of Jesse’s estate. I do not know if this is our Jesse Smith, but Jesse and Polly Smith appear in the 1880 census and not the 1900 census. A Francis E. Barron, 35, married a Jesse Smith on 18 June 1882 in Bartow County, so it is possible Polly died and Jesse remarried, although Jesse would be 65-72 years old. Frances E. would be Fannie E., of course.

The Veterans Who Draw Pensions in Bartow County and the Amount.

The Courant American
Cartersville, Georgia
March 22, 1894, Page 1

The maimed confederate veterans of Bartow county who are entitled to draw pensions provided by the state, were paid last week, a large number of them receiving their money in cash through Ordinary Hendricks whom they authorized to collect the several amounts for them.

There are thirty seven of these veterans of the civil war, and the sum of their pensions is $2,115.00

The following is a list of the soldiers and the amounts they draw, to-wit: J. M. Anderson $100, E. M. Adams $100, S. K. Bennett $50, L. Burrough $50, D. H. P. Barton $100, G. E. Calloway $5, Jas. Demry $50, J. H. Dodd $30, F. M. Durham $100, D. H. Crow $5, L. M. Fountain $10, A. M. Foute $100, J. A. Gladden $50, J. W. Headden $100, R. H. Heaton $5, William Hite $50, Eli Jenkins $10, William Johnson $50, John F. Keown $50, J. O. Larders $50, A. P. Moore $50, John W. Morris $50, J. W. Morgan $50, H. J. McCormick $100, Archie McDonald $50, A. R. McEver $50, J. C. Prichard $50, John S. Richards $50, John T. Roberts $50, T. J. Rogers $50, R. L. Sellers $100, Albert Smith $100, William Smith $50, J. H. Walker $50, W. R. Ward $50, F. M. Willis $100, T. L. Yearwood $50.

Transcribed from the microfilm reel June 1892-June 1895, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, by Laurel Baty.

Note: This is a list of "maimed" veterans. In the 1880 census, Albert is listed as “Maimed, crippled, bedridden, or otherwise disabled.” Albert lost his left leg below the knee due to a wound during the Civil War (see Our family in wartime).

18th Georgia.-The Veterans of the Civil War Celebrate Their Eleventh Annual Reunion.-Address of Hon. J. W. Harris, Jr., and other speeches-A good attendance and a pleasant day spent.

The Courant American
Cartersville, Georgia
September 29, 1892, Page 1

[This is a long 3 column article. The following is an excerpt):

"There are less than one hundred of the 18th Georgia Regiment now living, and of these fifty-nine were present last Thursday, and enrolled their
names as follows:

Company A.-Capt. J. S. Lemon, C. W. Pyron, T. J. Hardage, John Brown, Grogan House, Jos. McEver, J. P. Durham, Robt. Thompson, J. N. Babb, Jas. McLain, J. P. Fitzgerald, C. C. Phillips, J. G. Tanner, Arthur Fichals, Geo. S. Owen, A. N. Boring, W. P. Stanley, G. S. Hall, L. H. Tanner, J. M. Tanner, W. J. Tanner.

Company B--- Major J. H. Stewart, Col. J. M. Armstrong, Col. F. M. Ford, F. M. Polson, J. R. Wikle, W. W. Swann, J. F. Scott, T. L. Richardson, J. W. Alman.

Company K.--- W. P. Bennett, J. S. Cook, J. W. Headden, B. N. Gamison, C. W. Cunningham.

Company H. --- H. K. Miller, A. L. Barron, Wm. Byars, J. M. Upshaw, J. C. Wofford, Eli Jenkins, W. H. H. Walters, A. J. Nally, W. W. Cotton, W. H. Barron.

Company F. --- J. F. Reynolds, Thos. Dawson, F. M. Durham, Geo. Kay, F.Whitaker.

Company E. --- John Lusk, H. C. Guyton, R. E. Grant.

Company C. --- T. H. Niblock and J. M. Wilholte.

Company G. - Albert Smith.

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